Effectiveness and Importance of Mobile Phone Tracking to Track Person

Published: 10th August 2011
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Mobile phone has well placed itself in our life and daily routine and many of us even canít think of a life without phone. Day by day mobile phone usability is growing by introduction of useful applications of phone. Mobile phone tracking is becoming as one of the most important and effective technique in many ways. At the time of emergency you may need your doctor, friend or other important entity; mobile phone tracking can be a useful mobile phone applet at the time of emergency. Many mobile handsets are now coming with powerful phone tracking system to trace individuals accurately and swiftly.

Tracking system is a technique to uniquely identify a specific system through predefined data wirelessly. There are many types of mobile tracking system that are in use today but some of them are limited to defense and security personnel. Global Positioning system or GPS tracking system is the most common example of this technology. It is useful and effective in tracing individual, automobiles, objects or rest things located anyplace on the globe. The know-how requires and catches signals from satellite it is connected with to locate the exact position of the object. GPS tracking system was invented and used for US defense army previously. But the concept has grown its popularity and now being massively used in mobile handset tracking system. Signals can be detected from opaque objects and so you can trace a cell phone no matter where it is kept.

Diverse phones are compatible with dissimilar cell tracking system. Network based GSM Tracking System requires the mobile service providerís network to trace objects. Next is handset based GSM Tracking System that requires the identification number of handset, signal strength and position of the axis of the earth to trace any specific thing. And a combination of both technologies is called Hybrid GSM Tracking System. The hybrid system uses handset as well as network tracking system to trace any object or cell phone.

Mobile handset tracking system has many usability options apart from tracking people. It is being widely used for locating locations, routes or finding anything on the map. Google Earth, Google maps and 3D maps are few of mobiles tracking applets todayís use. Management or security personnel use the mobile phone tracking to locate exact position of the workers or team mates. Mobile phone tracking has bright future in technological arena. Next time don't lose your sleep when your kid out for trekking or adventure trip to any remote destination, track him whenever you want.

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